Industrial effluent treatment and sludge disposal, our speciality

Séché Environnement offers specific solutions for managing liquid effluent and sludge from industrial activities. Drawing on its experience and know-how, it develops tailored solutions with a view to optimising processes, volumes and onsite or offsite effluent elimination procedures.
Our solutions meet the twin objectives of reducing volumes and controlling costs.
Based on the type of sludge or effluent (metallic pollution) involved, we can develop metal recovery solutions alongside the extraction of sub-products.

For all types of effluents

  • Industrial effluents
  • Liquid effluents
  • Gas effluents
  • Industrial sludge
  • Phytosanitary effluents
  • Farm effluents
  • Production effluents
  • Industrial wastewater

Managing effluents and wastewater, our know-how

We will help you design your treatment units, at your premises, for the management of your industrial sludge or wastewater: engineering, design and commissioning, operation, maintenance, operational assistance, etc.
We can oversee the operation of your installations as part of a delegated management contract.
We also have mobile units for one-off interventions: destocking, securing of plants, maintenance or cleanup operations.

Our treatment solutions

  • Physicochemical treatment
  • Biological treatment
  • Neutralisation
  • Phase separation
  • Biphasic dehydration
  • Triphasic dehydration

Industrial effluent treatment and sludge disposal