Non hazardous waste management, our speciality

Since 1985, Séché Environnement has been building on a unique know-how  and expertise in the management of non hazardous waste generated by public utilities and industries. We guarantee comprehensive management of installations, covering all health and environmental requirements, with full transparency.

We provide you assistance at every administrative step, through the design and construction of waste treatment facilities, or through the operation of existing units under delegated management contracts.

For all types of non hazardous waste

  • Household waste
  • Ordinary industrial waste
  • Solid waste
  • Construction waste
  • Organic waste
  • Wastewater
  • Sludge from wastewater treatment plants
  • Packaging and recyclable materials
  • Infectious Healthcare Waste (IHW) and medical waste
  • Bottom ash from solid waste incinerators

From waste to energy, our know-how

We use our know-how to offer you tailored solutions that meet all your needs, from waste treatment and recycling to the production of renewable energy from waste.
We have solid references in all segments of non hazardous waste disposal and we possess the best waste to energy technology.

Our waste treatment and recycling solutions

  • Waste incineration with renewable energy production
  • Household waste disposal with energy recovery
  • Mechanical biological treatment of household or organic waste
  • Methanisation of biomass waste to energy
  • Organic waste composting
  • Recyclable materials sorting
  • Production of alternative fuel and bio fuel
  • Household and industry waste collection

Non hazardous waste management