Hazardous chemical products management, our speciality

Our technical expertise unit comprises experienced chemists qualified to organise remediation operations tailored to your requirements, at sites containing risk products. This may be due to fire, an incident or the dismantling of contaminated sites and equipment.
After identification and sampling, the intervention teams oversee repackaging of the dangerous chemical products (reactive, toxic, etc.) under confined conditions. Rigorous intervention procedures guarantee a quality, secure service that is compliant with the relevant regulations.

For all high-risk interventions

Séché Environnement’s experience in dealing with risk situations means it can offer highly qualified teams, equipment and dedicated workshops as part of specifically tailored interventions:

  • Dismantling of installations: laboratories, clean rooms, sensitive process units, vat rooms, industrial installations
  • Decontamination of equipment: epitaxy machines, reactors, laboratory equipment, etc.
  • Intervention in hostile environments
  • hazardous waste destruction: treatment onsite or afterwards
  • Transfer of equipment to specifically adapted sites (clean rooms, gas workshops, special mineral rooms, etc.)

For all types of substance or risk:

  • Substances that envolve a single risk: chemical, biological, asbestos, explosive
  • Substances that envolve cumulative or mixed risks: chemical and biological, chemical and nanoparticle, asbestos and chemical, etc.

From diagnosis to ultimate waste treatment

Our multidisciplinary team can assist you from diagnosis through to the end treatment of your waste:

  • Upstream risk analysis (healthcare, security, environmental) based on our exclusively designed process: the Intervention Services Plan
  • Qualification of products
  • Intervention protocols based on the best available techniques
  • A quality assurance plan
  • Performance and monitoring
  • Management of waste destruction
  • Traceability
  • Intervention report
  • Packaging and transport of waste (appropriate, tailored methods)
  • Administrative follow-up

Chemical intervention unit