Waste management and recycling, our speciality

Whether you are a business or a public utility, we work with you, from the plant design stage, to help you optimise your waste management. We can also intervene as part of a delegated management contract (public service delegation).
Our range of technical solutions and our recognised know-how mean we can offer you the most appropriate solution for your needs.
With over 30 years’ experience in offering a sustainable development approach, our solutions incorporate comprehensive health protection and environmental management, as well as recycling and energy production services. Moreover, we take an open and transparent approach to the management of all our facilities, favouring agreement by all stakeholders.

For all your types of waste

  • Non hazardous household waste
  • Organic waste
  • Packaging and recyclable materials
  • Ordinary industrial waste
  • Infectious Healthcare Waste (IHW) and medical waste
  • Hazardous waste from public utilities
  • Hazardous industrial waste
  • Sludge from urban wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial sludge and effluent
  • Polluted land and contaminated sites

Our waste treatment solutions

  • For your residual waste: creation and operation of landfills or incinerators (hazardous waste, non hazardous waste)
  • For your sludge and liquid effluent: creation of purification plants, physicochemical treatment units, mobile pre-treatment units, etc.
  • For your IHW: design, creation and operation of specific treatment units
  • For your organic waste: methanisation units, composting platforms, mechanical biological treatment units
  • For your separately collected recyclable materials: sorting centers
  • For your polluted sites and soils: landfill remediation, mobile treatment units, etc.
  • For your mixed recoverable waste: sorting centres, production of SRF (solid recovered fuel)

Your waste, our recycling and recovery solutions

  • Organic waste methanisation units
  • Production of renewable energies at storage and incineration plants: steam, heat, electricity
  • SRF production units
  • Sorting of recyclable materials
  • Solar panels installation
  • Physicochemical treatment units integrating sub-product extraction solutions
  • Solvent regeneration
  • Recovery from PCB transformers, lithium, bromine, CFCs
  • Site remediation

Reference : Destruction of PCB transformers – Total Gabon

Security, packaging, transport and destruction of contaminated PCB transformers

Treatment solution

Destruction at the Tredi St Vulbas facility (Ain – France)

Services performed

  • Sampling and analysis
  • Security management: training of teams, implementation of procedures
  • On-site packaging
  • Administration: submission of request to import waste (Basel Convention)
  • Treatment at the Trédi St Vulbas facility (Ain – France)

Key figure

Tonnage treated: 100 tonnes

Reference : Rehabilitation and disposal of household waste, La Gabarre – Guadeloupe

Treatment and environmental security of the historical domestic waste landfill, initiated by Guadeloupe’s Sictom (now Syvade) with a view to permanent closure.

Project supported by the State and the European Union.

Type of pollution


Related impact

Significant deterioration in the mangrove located close to the site and proven impact on the Rivière Salée.

Services performed

  • Remodelling of the historical waste mass to facilitate its stability and allow rainwater to flow towards the recovery networks
  • Implementation of a sealing mechanism (geomembranes) in the remodelled zones to optimise the recovery of biogas and prevent rainwater from entering
  • Creation of ring dykes to isolate the storage areas from the external environment
  • Implementation of collection networks and rainwater storage ponds to allow surveillance before release to the external environment
  • Deployment of lixiviate management systems (liquid effluent collected in the waste storage areas):
    • implementation of drains and pumping around the rehabilitated areas to prevent dispersion into the natural environment (lake and maritime areas)
    • installation of an onsite lixiviate treatment system (MBR, membrane bio-reactor)
  • Roll-out of biogas management and treatment systems:
    • wells and drainage systems within waste storage areas
    • overhead collection network
    • flare-type fire (destruction of biogas by burning)
  • Integration of the site into the landscape and implementation of a specific rehabilitation programme covering 23 hectares (selection of local species, continuation of mangrove)
  • Environmental monitoring of the site and surrounding area
  • Security of the site

Key figure

Duration of the project: 3 years (completed in December 2013)
Surface area: 36 hectares
Volume of waste secured: 5 million cubic metres
Services designed and performed under the responsibility of Séché Environnement but carried out largely (nearly 70%) by local companies
Number of jobs: 20

Waste management and recycling at your facilities